UNICEF on campus!


(All photo's in this post are from google, unless stated as my own)

Recently, I had the opportunity of running for the President of UNICEF on campus, at University of Lincoln. I have been ever so thankful to the people who voted and acknowledged my campaign. I won this opportunity and cannot wait to succeed for and within the society.

I believe in helping those with less than us. Why? because everyone deserves the best chance at life. We don't realise that what we have, makes us so lucky. Some people within the UK, grow up in poverty and some of us don't. The children and families within other countries undertake heartbreaking situations that leave them battling to survive. Many don't have the priveledge to have clean water, medicine to help them get better, a house with warmth, education, clothes to keep them warm or even a stable family due to horrible circumstances.

My aim of leading this society is to raise awareness and money for the children and families that are less fortunate, helping UNICEF itself with this aspiring achievement. I don't believe in giving up right away because what will that achieve?
I want myself and others to feel good with changing someone's perpective on life, even if it just makes someone smile like a chesire cat, that would make such a difference.

You can donate at the UNICEF website here: UNICEF. org to raise money for people in need. UNICEF, is an amazing charity to support and all money raised, goes to making a difference for the less fortunate. Even if you only donate £5, it will provide clean water and medicine and possibly an education for the lovely children and their families, in poorer countries. They need our help, are you in? :)


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