Unicef on campus | University of Lincoln


Unicef 'on campus' society, has made an appearance across the UK to many different universities, Lincoln being one of them. Student's come together in order to raise awareness for the lovely children and their families, worldwide to help them have a better life. We are thankful enough to the University of Lincoln Student's Union for keeping this society remaining on campus. 
Taking over a society that has achieved many goals is quite scary, but not only do we want to make sure bigger goals are achieved, we want the society to remain on it's feet after we all graduate and hope the students of UOL remain ambitious enough to change the world. 

My aim for 2015/16: 
  • Get as many people as possible involved with the charity.
  • Raise awareness
  • Organise exciting fundraising activities 
  • Within the society, get as many people comfortable with achieving their goals for this amazing project
  • give the society a high status on campus, so everyone somehow takes part in what we are set out to achieve
  • Have fun
  • Change a lot of people's perception on life, by helping those in need.

Throughout doing a lot to help the charity out, I want my society members to feel comfortable with one another, to raise awareness and feel happy by getting involved. Organising fun activities is a good way to meet new people and have fun whilst making someone else's life 100% better.

If you want to donate to UNICEF, then please do at: Unicef.org £5 can provide life-saving therapeutic food for a severely malnourished child for 6 days. Every little helps, why not stand to speak for the people who can't raise their voice loud enough. 

I'm hoping to do many sponsored activities in my free time also, documenting it all for my blog, a few video's etc. It would be great to have everyone's support. There's so many more blog posts for this event coming in the near future! If you're wanting to give back, it doesn't have to be for this charity, any charity you support, please donate to it! It could change someone's life for the better :)


(All photo's in this post are from google, unless stated as my own)

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