Everything Yoga | Part 2


Documenting a yoga session is actually quite exciting but also difficult as taking time out of the day to unwind can be quite tricky. However, myself & Andrew have continued to strengthen our bodies and find relaxation within our yoga sessions. Below, we have managed to capture a few poses that we have been working on. As mentioned in the previous post we have decided to do yoga when we choose, not as a challenge due to other commitments. In the future, there will be such challenges for yoga and other exciting exercises, so keep tuned!

Please note: we aren't experts, we are just doing this for ourselves but are seeking it as a daily challenge in order to stay as active as possible before returning back to university life.

(Photos by: Steve Webster)& Myself (Jade Kelly)

We are managing to stick to our goal of achieving improving our ability to be flexible and enjoy the radical change of engaging with daily yoga poses. 
Today we followed the first video we first came across over the weekend, followed by a more intense workout yoga session, which targeted the Abs, legs and back. (It was painful)

Yoga is fun and it relaxes the mind. For me, it relaxes me completely and just allows me to find my inner peace and tone my body in the process. 


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