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Myself and my new housemate have decided to do yoga everyday or whenever we are free. Our challenge is to improve our technique each day in order to feel relaxed and lose a few lbs. We are currently on loving the yoga sessions, and documenting it seemed rather interesting. it was originally a 30 day yoga challenge, but we couldn't stick to it as we have busy schedule with work/university commitments etc.

Today we did a more upbeat yoga session as it was desired to revolve around losing weight, so a lot more movement was involved. You can find that here: Yoga for weight loss

My housemate pretty much perfected this balance pose! It took a few attempts for the photo though ;-)

I didn't quite master it because I couldn't balance properly. I managed to balance in the end for approximately two seconds before falling onto the floor. Also, don't recommend doing it in an over sized jumper..

Day by day we will continue to master new movements and hopefully post more updates on how it goes. It's something to look forward to each day. 
If anyone has any advice for yoga, I'd love to hear. Do check out the video that is linked above, it's good fun!!

All above photo's taken by myself (Jade Kelly) Unless otherwise stated


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