New Years Resolutions #2 | 2016


Wednesday, me and my housemate Andrew, decided to have a catch up after being away for Christmas so we went to Wagamama's and the Hilton, within Lincolnshire & it was such a great night. If I want to do anything this year, it's check out new places with my best friend, and so far this week alone, has been amazing. The night was filled with good vibes, delicious food & jaw-dropping drinks.. it was unbelievably amazing. :) 

The following day, as we felt a bit fragile from the cocktails the night before, myself and Andrew went to nandos for lunch and OH MY GOODNESS, it was worth it. If you follow my instagram, you'll know I LOVE nando's. As the day went on, I had the spontaneous idea to head to the cinema to see the new Hunger Games... All I will say is that good films make you feel all sorts of emotions at the end, with me, I was mainly angry with it haha!! All in all, it was an AMAZING second half! <3 

As it's Friday, I thought why not be productive before I become anti-social to finish one of my essays. As my housemate was due at the hospital, I thought I'd go along with him, regardless of feeling rubbish. As the morning went on, my throat started to feel A LOT worse so I had to make a stop at the doctors and turns out I have tonsillitis. Not how I wanted to spend my day BUT before that happened, we went for brunch (again) at Revolution. The food was OUT OF THIS WORLD, however I couldn't finish it.. but I powered through and enjoyed every bit of what I could eat. 

Throughout 2016, I want to experience new things and just capture the moments as well as share them on here. It's part of my resolution so why not!! :) 

What are your resolutions? 


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